La Vérité Sur L'Affaire Harry Quebert (2012)
La Vérité sur l'Affaire Harry Quebert (2012)
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De Fallois / L'Âge d'Homme
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Um. Wow. I'm so confused about the number of awards this book won in France... something must have really gotten lost in translation. So clunky. So unrealistic. So predictable. Comparisons to Larsson? Really? I seriously kept thinking that the poor writing was a literacy device of some kind, being used to prove a point. But when I was a couple pages from the end, I realized that nope, that's just the way it was written. i want the hours I spent reading this back!!! Good lord what an atrocious book. So low-level, so poorly written, so laden with stick-figure characters, so clunkily plotted, so ridiculous on so many levels, not to mention so crazily sexist (examples: um, well, everything in the book) and anti-Semitic (jesus h. christ that stereotypical caricature of a Jewish mother oy oy oy), did I mention just so damned badly written. This crapfest won a bunch of French literary prizes?!? Sacre bleu, say it ain't so!Laughable, just laughable, from start to finish. If I had to pick my absolute favorite worst aspect, I guess it would be a three-way tie among (1)the pages upon pages of horribly crafted dialogue, much of it unintentionally howlingly hilarious in its awfulness; (2)the ludicrous, specious yet pompous passages about writing and the writing life; and (3)the excerpts from the supposedly brilliant work of literary genius believed to have been written by the title character, every excerpted sentence of which novel-within-the-novel might, just might, be considered passable writing by a sixth grader (but probably not even that).Wow. I guess I don't regret reading it because with a book this bad -- especially when you know it's a prize-winning book this bad -- you settle into a sort of delicious trance of shock, horror, and giggling glee as you find yourself compelled to turn page by ever worse page. But whew, it'll be good to turn back to actual literature after this walk on the dreck side.
Enjoyable twisty mystery that keeps you guessing until the end.
Simplemente, magnífico.
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