Lacey And Lethal (2013)
Lacey and Lethal (2013)
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141993712X (ISBN13: 9781419937125)
Ellora's Cave Publishing
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I absolutely love this book! I am a huge fan of Laurann's writing and this did not disappoint.Lacey is a feisty little woman who had her world ripped apart when a vampire murdered her sister. She now works with a small group that hunts and kills vampires. Lethal is a Master Vampire that had lived a very long time. He doesn't kill humans and won't hurt those that are weaker than himself. When these two meet, they will set you on fire! Love, love, love it!!!! Lacey is on a mission to eradicate vampires ever since one of them killed her sister. working with a special team she's able to tranquilize one and chains him up so he'll turn to dust when the sun rises. But she's looking for the specific vampire who killed her sister and so interrogates the vamp she captured. Lethal, an ancient vampire, can't believe a female mortal captured him much less that he's about to get fried when the sun rises because of that. His only option is to turn the tables on her and make her regret her actions. He's no killer so just giving her a healthy vampire scare should be enough. Until Lacey proceeds to seduce him as a last act before he meets his final death. What's a vampire to do when forced to endure a horny mortal female who likes her men tied up? This was a quickie read at 91 print pages but did pack a punch. I do think it would have been much better if longer which would have resulted in more world building and depth to characters. And of course more quality adult content. hehe. Alas not. But still liked this one. My only issue is that I really didn't get a concrete feel for Lethal and his crew. I want my vamps to be vamps, not polite gentlemen who are polite, sweet, and personable. The bad boy personna who no one wants to mess with except their mate who can't understand why others fear him because he's so sweet. This wasn't the case here. One example of my disappointment was that Lethal was very concerned that the shapeshifters and other vamps would find out how easily he had been captured. I would have preferred to have him dare them to even ask. And if someone was silly enough to question it to any degree than the basics they would find out why that would have been a stupid idea as they hurt for a long long long time. And Lacey. I liked her character and she had many positives in my book but came very very close to 'TSTL' in my book. One example of this is that she was smart enough to have a safe house but when that was tested it was found it wasn't so safe. That's all I'll say.Overall an enjoyable quickie as a fill in when you're looking for this sort of read.
oh yeahquickly becomingmy favorite authorlibrarybring in my holds faster!
I love this author, but this was an expensive book for just 70 pages.
Good story. Really liked Lethal. Wish it was longer.
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