Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage (2010)
Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage (2010)
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0425235459 (ISBN13: 9780425235454)
Berkley Sensation
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Let me just say that I am LOVING the Mackenzie brothers!! Ian, in the previous book, was amazing. I loved Mac in this book. He and his wife, Isabelle have been separated for three and a half years. As the book goes along, it all gets explained. My problem with this book was Isabelle's attitude. I thought she was a tease (which Mac certainly didn't seem to mind!), and when she got upset that Mac figured they were reconciling (considering they'd been having sex like rabbits). She said that she loved him, but didn't want to get back together with him. That really irked me. I was glad to see Ian in this book as well and, like I said, Mac was just yummy! Worth reading just for him.For those that might be bothered by it, some graphic sexual language and much sexual activity between husband and wife. DNF. I skipped over about 20% of it. Can't be read as a standalone. That wasn't the problem with it though. We got glimpses of their back story in book one and very little in this book. Should have had a chapter or two of just how they originally fell in love. Instead we were just told they loved each other and it fell apart. I did love the characters, but the story just wasn't there and it dragged.
Great set of complex and intriguing characters. Great story line that grabs the reader.
It took me some time but I finally enjoyed this book.
Good series!
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