Las Carreras De Escorpio (2011)
Las carreras de Escorpio (2011)
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The writing was beautiful and Maggie has found her way amongst my favorite authors. The characters were so complex and easy to love.. or hate(the Malverns). At first I was a little disappointed with the lack in romance, but I grew to appreciate it. What Puck and Sean had seemed real and not just another 'oh hey I just met you like a week ago and now I love you.' Their relationship is sweet and not too much to take focus away from the plot. My only issue was how slow it seemed to go. The race didn't even start until 24 pages from the end. Although I do understand that the race itself wasn't going to take that long, I just wish there was a little more afterward to see what became of all the characters. All in all I'm glad I took the time to read 'The Scorpio Races.' My friend lent me this book and I found it increasingly tiresome over the weeks. Usually it would take me a maximum of three days to read a teenage novel, but with The Scorpio Races I was so bored that I wouldn't read it for days! I can understand why most people like it but it really isn't my sort of book. The author did not consider using kelpie, instead of a strange complicated name like capaill uisce, even worse the words capaill uisce were on every page! There ARE ways to word sentences without having to do that. But apart from those things and the fact that the romance between Sean and Puck was tedious and confusing. The actual RACE was entertaining, the ending was clever and entertaining, also the bond between Sean, Corr and the ocean was sentimental enough for me to rate the book three stars instead of two.
Thank you Kalle for convincing me to read this book(she made me buy it!)
This is a beautiful story and I love the cover
A surprisingly good read!
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