Last Gift (2013)
Last Gift (2013)
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Jen Frederick
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Last Gift is a lovely, sweet holiday short about Daisy and Nick whom we fell in love with in Last Hit. They are spending their first holiday together and they both need to make some adjustments now that Nick is a civilian.I think I possibly fell for them more as a couple after reading this excerpt. Their love for each other was evident and the holiday season brought out what they were thankful for and how lucky they felt to have each other. “You are my beloved, Daisy, as I am yours. Do not ever let go.”Of course, there was still time for some sexy scenes and Nick’s Russian traits were the perfect blend of naught and nice ;-)“No one but you and I matter in this world, Daisy,” I tell her in all seriousness. “But come, let us get home so the fucking can commence.” This elicits a giggle from her. “You’re so filthy and formal at the same time. I love it.”This e-short was well written and easy to read. It was a great bonus after reading their full story. This was way better than their actually book. In their book I never felt the connection between them it just felt so unreal. But in this novella I could actually feel the love between Daisy and Nick. I really wasn't ready for it to end and I found myself waiting to read more and this was something I didn't feel in the 1st book. And who knew Nick was so dang funny that whole scene with the chick with the spider eyelashes had me cracking up. After reading the novella and to feel that chemistry I need to see Nick and Daisy with kids. I also would like to see how her relationship with her dad is going
I love Nick and Daisy. I'm sad there isn't more.
i don't mind eating burned cookies. HOT!
Cute and funny but just a teaser.
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