Laundry Day (2012)
Laundry Day (2012)
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0547241968 (ISBN13: 9780547241968)
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When a young shoeshine boy and his cat decide to reunite a beautiful red cloth with its owner, they unknowingly go on an adventure that promises to ease his loneliness. Who would have thought this simple piece of cloth could be so resourceful? It becomes an apron, a blanket, and a zipline, just to name a few. This is evidence to the imaginations of children as well as the multitude of ideas that come with a diverse population.Laundry Day is a wonderful message to share with children. With the backdrop of an early 1900 US city, it is a beautiful and unique way to introduce little ones of the 21st century to acceptance, diversity, imagination, generosity, and manners. The illustrations are generous in that they allow a lot of time within the story for personal interpretation and discussion between an adult reader and child. I believe this is a great addition to a child's library. Laundry Day by Maurie J. Manning is a graphic novel. A young boy who shines shoes finds a red scarf and goes all over his town to return it. Each person he asks replies in a different language about what the scarf is called. I enjoyed the different languages being brought up in this book.Text to self – This reminds me of a time in my life when I was at work. There was a work shirt under the counter where the cashiers kept their items. No one knew who it belonged to. Every day I would ask the cashiers is this your or do you know who’s this is. The difference is in Laundry Day the boy returned the scarf to the person it belonged to. At my work we never figured out who the shirt belonged to.Text to world - I would relate this to the world because of the foreign languages that are spoken when the red scarf in the story is being talked about. Each person that the boy asked about the red scarf replied by calling the scarf something in their language. The town in the story has all these people from different countries like America “the melting pot”.Text to text – I would relate this book to Luke on The Loose the other graphic novel that I read. In both stories there is a boy running around town on some sort of journey they want to accomplish.
Loved this friendly story. Great comic book style, vivid illustration, and new vocabulary!
Great way to introduce the Lower East Side to the yingelehs and maidelehs.
A boy returns a lost red scarf and meets lots of different people.
ALA ALSC Notable 2013
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