Laws Of Gravity, The (2013)
Laws of Gravity, The (2013)
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This was a predictably moving and emotional book, which was easily accomplished since the topic manner just screams tearjerker. Overall I would say that I liked this book, but sometimes I wonder if people (myself included) just like books that make them feel strong emotions, and the strongest and probably easiest emotion to get readers to feel is sadness. Sadness wrought through death and disease is even easier to accomplish.That being said, this book looks at an interesting question, that of whether or not the courts can force to give someone, even a family member, something that is of their own body and which could potentially be life saving. Even though I thought the legal response was obvious, the moral dilemma was interesting. I found myself feeling for Ari. While I do feel that he was very wrong to deny his cousin the use of this potentially life saving cord blood, I didn't see him as a clear cut villain. It was as if he was committing to this fight against his better judgement. I would like to have been given a better picture of his background. His unreasonable fear of illness and his almost compulsive need to do everything to prevent such could be easily explained by a serious health issue experienced by himself or someone close to him in the past. Since we were given no explanation of where his somewhat crazy behavior came from we are forced to just assume him to be the bad guy. And while he is, his denial of this life changing cord blood can't be excused, it's important to note that he lost quite a bit as a result of this fight. Overall I found Ari one of the most interesting characters in the book. This book brought some modern day issues to light. To read about a young mother diagnosed with cancer is unfortunately a reality. I did find some editorial slips, as in the beginning of the book, the character is registering her daughter for kindergarten in the fall, yet two years later the girl is in third grade. I also wonder about some of the legal aspects of the plot. The Judges' memo would have had more issues in it than that mentioned in the book.Nevertheless, I enjoyed the character development most of the time. I wonder if it might take longer to adopt a child from a foreign country than this book intimates.
An emotional read. Liked the characters. Felt sorry for Ari. Too much detail
An interesting story about family relationships. I could not out book down.
I enjoyed this but it was a bit obvious in terms of the plot and characters
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