Le Confessioni Di Una Contessa (2014)
Le confessioni di una contessa (2014)
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Harlequin Mondadori
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Oh my gosh guys, I didn't think I could love any of the Pennyroyal books as much as I loved What I Did for the Duke but this one was SO good! It started a little slower and so I thought it would be so-so but it kept building and their love story was more and more intense and I felt Just as desperate for them to be together as they did!! Totally a departure from typical regency fare (he's a poor vicar after all) but so darn good! Another great Pennyroyal Green story, this one involves the Vicar Adam Sylvaine and the lovely, notorious, former actress and courtesan Eve, the widowed Countess Wareham. Evie has arrived in Pennyroyal Green to escape the notoriety of her life in London and with a desire to start over in her new home. With this in mind, she enlists the Vicar to help make friends with the ladies in town. Of course, her past catches up with her, and she faces an uphill battle to win the respect and friendship of the pious ladies, who judge her for her history, not for the kind and loving person she is. I knew Adam’s story would be told, but of course, the woman he’s attracted to would be exactly the wrong woman for him and his reputation, at least that’s what it seems at first. I thought this was a wonderful story, with lessons learned about judging people, looking beyond the surface, and forgiveness for many of the ladies in town, as well as Adam and Evie. I loved the way the author tied everything up in the end to the satisfaction of everyone, and hope to see more of these characters in future stories.
What a great book! I knew it would be, because I have never read a bad book by Julie Anne Long.
I really liked this story. Adam is easily one of my favorite male characters of the year.
Cannot wait for this book!! She is a really good author!!!
4.5 stars.
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