Learning To Feel (2012)
Learning to Feel (2012)
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N.R. Walker
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4.5 stars rounded upReally nice (free) story of overworked doctor, Nathan, moving away from Boston to take up a post in Belfast, Maine, and meeting artist, Trent, who happens to be decorating the house he has as part of his job. Never satisfied in any relationship he's previously had, Nathan is surprised to be attracted to Trent and as he slowly falls for him realises that he is gay. While Nathan is happy to declare his love Trent pulls away, his own past haunting his belief he can be happy. Together the pair make it work, with a full supporting cast of family, friends and a Golden Retriever. Very much a feel good story this one will probably be one that gets re-read Soo It's noo secret that I LOVE N.R. Walker. I mean this woman .. whoa I really have noo words for how talented she is!! I love love love The Blind Faith series thats what really drew me to Walker and they were absolutely my favorite with Red Dirt Heart at a very close second .. BUT Learning to Feel Nathan and Trent completely blew Carter & Isaac .. Charlie & Travis out of the water like what .. where did these wonderful men come from .. & why did it take me soo long to inquire about this FREE read?? I felt every emotion in this book .. I literally felt like I was in these pages .. in that gorgeous Belfast house .. that Boston appartment. I just dont have words to describe how warm and fuzzy this book made me!! This is by far one of the best books I've ever had the pleasure or reading! So thank you N.R. Walker I thourolly enjoyed this book!!! And thank you Jay Northcote for giving me the link to read it (:& here's a little really good feel moment that I just loved ..He kissed me and put his forehead on my chin so he was looking down at our feet. "I don't know what I'm doing. And more than likely I'll fuck something up." he looked up at me then. "But I'm in this, whatever the fuck it is. With everything that I am." I grinned and kissed him. "I don't know what I'm doing either, to be honest. We're both new to this, whatever the fuck it is, but just so you know, I'm in this too. With everything that I am. "
Mrs. Walker you have done it once again. Beautiful, well done, loved it and must read!
I had to give this five stars because the characters got to me.
this is really interesting
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