Leaving Amarillo (2000)
Leaving Amarillo (2000)
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0062366823 (ISBN13: 9780062366825)
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I won this book as an ARC and I must say I absolutely loved it. It is the first novel I've read by Caisey Quinn and her writing style is amazing. It captures you and makes you fall in love with the characters as she develops them. It is also definitely a sexy book. However, it doesn't have the tone as some "romance" novels and I think that is what sets this novel apart from so many others. The story line is flawless. I won't reveal spoilers, but the fact its revolves around music was a deciding factor when I entered to win this novel. I look forward to the next novel of the Neon Dreams and seeing where the characters end up. Holy moly did I LOVE this book!! It was such a fun read that was full of everything I look for in a book. A sassy female lead and a couple of HOT musician's!!"Dandelions didn’t get to choose where they grew and neither did I."I am a huge fan of Caisey Quinn's and Leaving Amarillo is a perfect example of why I love her. Dixie was FABULOUS and strong. You will immediately connect with her. Dallas is still somewhat of an enigma. I cant wait to read more about him and see things from his point of view. Oh and then Gavin, holy hell Gavin. I am in love. I may of wanted to smack him at times but his back story really intrigues me. All in all this was a solid story full of different emotions and I cant wait until the next installment comes out. I need more!!4 Stars♥ Sophie
was my first new adult dook. love the end will be getting the second in the series
Looking forward to reading their conclusion.
Stupid assed cliffhangers
this was awkwardly fun.
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