Leaving Before The Rains Come (2000)
Leaving Before the Rains Come (2000)
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Having not yet read the earlier books of Ms. Fuller, I have now downloaded them as well. Another book club selection that I couldn't put down. The language, settings, heart ache and fully explored feelings and emotions of this memoir are deep and painful as great memoirs have. The author reveals pain, secrets, some not so secret and how the events of the world and lives all ebb and flow, peak and explode, yet life and love find a way to continue, to flourish. YIKES! What a life.I listened in audible, and what a great narrator too!!! I enjoy all of Fuller's work as her experience reflects the lives of a few Southern African friends of mine. Her thoughts as a young woman from the southern hemisphere married to an American and living on the West also match some of my experience having a similar life. Her honesty hurts at time, but is so on point. Not sure I liked the many detours the book took on family history - didn't see the link or why this relates to the points she is trying to make. Still making up my mind about the end of the book - a bit disappointed with Fuller as a person as I perceived her as a much stronger person. Overall though, another great read from a writer whose perspective is not the usual one.
Beautifully written but moved very slowly. I had to push myself to finish it.
Really like this author and the way she tells a story. Great writing
Liked her life story. Interesting.
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