Ledene Opekline (2010)
Ledene Opekline (2010)
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"Cryoburn" is one of a long line of Miles Vorkosigan SciFi novels and it's just great. Just like "Warrior's Apprentice" Miles falls into one predicament after another, having solved one problem he has two more and so forth. I love that type of progression and it helps move the story along.The Story: Miles Vorkosigan is investigating a cryogenic freezing company that will soon open a branch office on Komarr when he is almost kidnapped by anti-cryogenic protesters. Miles is sheltered by a homeless boy who has lost his father and mother and while investigating the boy's past, Miles finds clues to his own investigation.Any problems with the book? Not too many. Children are hurt in the book. It is brief, in context and thus not gratuitous. There is some cursing, but not too much. There is some sexual suggestion but it is cut off fairly quickly. I've seen worse in cartoons.The bad guys seem more bumbling than anything else, though they are dangerous the same way that a runaway car is dangerous... no personal ill-intent but it can still kill you. Know what I mean?I'd read this book again. It was fun. Umm... It was an average read at best. I guess I was anticipating a whole lot more, giving all the hype behind what I was being told of Bujold. I bought two of these Miles Vorkosigan saga novels on sell at Books-a-million. On account of me being extremely busy these previous months that have past, I thought I would never have got through this particular book. There was maybe ten-percent of the book I found interesting, and well the rest I found myself not even remotely interested. I am praying the Captian Vorpatril's Alliance is a catchy-one. Atleast I got an introduction to Miles Vorkosigan's character, from the planet Barrayar. The child known as Jin resident of Kibou-daini, Consul Vorlynkin and Roic were the few stand-out personalities throughout the book. It starts out suspenseful the first three chapters only to fail the rest of the way, I was left in dissapointment.When I purchased the two I thought I had hidden gems. I hope the other book doesn't become as predictable and dull as the first. I guess I fall into the 3% of the readers whom thought it was a weak book in it's entirety. I really do not consider myself a hard-to-please type person but, why write 400 pages of good-will shelved material. Please! Bujold when I do finally return back to your books revive me from the near death experience of the first.
I recommend it. Fine continuation of the Vorkosigan adventures.
Always good, though not my favorite.
too sad for tears
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