Legacy Of Lies And Don't Tell (2010)
Legacy of Lies and Don't Tell (2010)
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1847388728 (ISBN13: 9781847388728)
Simon & Schuster Children's
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I thought that Don't Tell was awesome. I never read the first one Legacy of Lies. Don't Tell was kinda scary. I will admit that. Elizabeth Chandler is a very good writer. She makes the characters very real and when there is a part where someone is getting attacked then she uses very good imagery to describe the scene. The main character Lauren, her mother got killed seven years ago at a lake house where her godmother lives with her two daughters, Holly and Nora. Lauren goes there seven years later and stays there to find out what happened to her mom. She finds out a lot. Then she gets together with a guy that Holly is seeing. A childhood friend of there's. Nick. All the things that happened to Lauren's mom before she died is happening to Lauren now. She starts to freak out and thinks that she is going to die also. When you find out who did all of this, you really freak. Well at least I did. It is a total shocker!!! You should really read this book, it is awesome! I totally recommend it to anyone who likes a mystery teen novel. After i read 'Kissed by an angel' i just had to read more books by Elizabeth Chandler. This series definitely didn't disapoint. I can't stress this enought, i LOVE how these are truly mystery books. When you first read it, you really don't know who the bad guy is. Usually it's way too easy to predict what's going to happen and who the killer is, but this realy does leave me guessing. The whole series is amazing, and i'd definitely reccomend it!
LOVED THIS. It's a great read. I've read it 3 to 4 times already.
Very good but don't read alone and at night!
Very nice
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