Legal Affairs - Confessions Of A Litigation God (2014)
Legal Affairs - Confessions of a Litigation God (2014)
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Big Dog Books, LLC
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Creio que este último livro com o ponto de vista do Matt completa a história de uma forma verdadeira.Na verdade o facto de ele ter dúvidas, ter como principal prioridade na vida o filho, cometer erros, admitir que o sexo é a sua principal atracção e no final admitir os erros pedir desculpa e tentar ser feliz com a mulher que ama, o tornam uma personagem real e credível, transformando também este livro no melhor da série. Let me start with this... Sawyer nailed it with this book. Out of the park. I loved that this was from Matts point of view and written SO well. Not only did she manage to properly display a mans cockyPoint of view, but she also managed to show his growth through the book. And Mac, wow. I love her sass and mouth. I love that she keeps Matt on his toes and doesn't bend to his will. She says some of the most random things and actually made him laugh, made me laugh. This book is equally erotic and funny, steamy and emotional. It really was a fabulous book. I didn't want to put it down. I found myself hoping for a way Matt was going to take Marissa down. He didn't deserve to be treated the way she was treating him, she wronged him. But all in all, he was right. He had to protect Gabe. I really liked the way sawyer wrote this book. She really did nail the mans POV. There's wasn't a time during the whole book that something didn't sound like something a man would say or do. And how she found that perfect balance of steam and emotion, I'll never know but in don't think she could have done any better. It really was executed flawlessly. Matt and Mac are going to be one of those couples you don't forget and come back to reread bc it's so good.
Funny and witty. Really glad I read this version and not the serials. Really liked this. book.
4.5* would have been five but Matt really did my head in at times repeating himself.
Loved this book!
4.25/5 Stars
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