Lembranças Macabras (2008)
Lembranças Macabras (2008)
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This one is possibly 3 1/2 stars. The story was decent and the writing style was good enough to keep me interested and wanting to read more. There were a couple things that bothered me, just silly trivial things really. There was a part when someone was going to use a pay phone because they had no cell phone signal. First of all, although I know we have all experienced poor cell phone reception, and ironically it's when we usually need it most. But it is so cliche that so often times in books, characters do not have a cell phone signal in an emergency situation. Then during a situation when someone needed to use a payphone, the author's choice of words were, "She fed the coins into the hungry phone." It just seemed a cheesy choice of words and a little over the top for a phone to be hungry. It made me roll my eyes.Why does it seem like there's always a dark sedan mentioned in a thriller. I can't even remember the exact circumstances but it was something like, "There was a dark sedan parked at the end of the street". How often does one actually think in terms of a "dark sedan"? I think most people would think "black 4 door car". Finally, the narration was actually pretty good. It was read by Deirdre Lovejoy. The only thing that bothered me was when there was a sinister part, she over did it. She spoke in a hushed whisper in an overly dramatic way. If she spoke, it was softly and the last word of a sentence was "breathy". I realize there has to be a certain amount of emotion involved while reading a story aloud but it really was too much. As a whole, I enjoyed this novel by Tess Gerritsen. It wasn't my favorite so far but something about her writing keeps me engaged in the story and I don't lose interest. I wasn't sure whether I would enjoy this novel with all the Archeology content and the mystery of Madam X but I loved this book it was suspense, intrigue and action packed to the very end with some great twists and turns. I even managed to learn quite a bit about Mummy's which I found quite interesting.I really don't like Anthony Sansone 1 little bit he just is very annoying and so arrogant and I hate the way he's always trying to cling to Maura and talk her into joining his bizarre Mephisto club. Great read❤❤❤
Really enjoyed this book with its twist and turns towards the end.
This series just gets better and better!
Very good! One of my favorites!
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