Lembro-me De Ti (2010)
Lembro-me de Ti (2010)
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A very good ghost story from Iceland. Once again I enjoy Yrsa's storytelling. However a few times about two-thirds of the way in I was a little bored with the translation of the conversation between Liv, Gardar and Katrin. Some of it seemed like a bit of useless conversation just to add pages. And yes, I agree with Emmy, the fact that these three seem to continue endlessly to think that what is with them is in fact a real person is a bit unnerving. A couple times I wanted to scream out "for pete's sake people! c'mon!!"But other than that, Yrsa tells a great tale. She is definitely a master at spinning a nice wide tale and tying it in seamlessly, bring everything together right down to the very last paragraph. Well done! Me encantan los libros de terror que logran ponerme los pelos de punta, aunque no son tantos como me gustaría. Este definitivamente me ha hecho estremecerme, con esa ambientación tan genial que consigue inquietarte y una gran historia en la que parece que los personajes no están relacionados entre sí, cosa que cambia pasada la primera mitad del libro. Muy buen detalle eso de dedicar un capítulo a los que están en la isla y otro a los que están en la ciudad, ayuda a mantener la intriga y a no querer dejar el libro hasta conocer el final de toda la historia.
Pretty scary... Especially if you read it while in Iceland during a snow storm!
Could bring myself to read this ghost story only in bright daylight.
Had me hanging until the very end, she is a pretty good writer.
Teilweise echt unheimlich. Aber es zieht sich sehr
I'll be sleeping with the lights on tonight
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