Les Péchés Du Démon (2012)
Les péchés du démon (2012)
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Major cliffhanger at the end !!! How am I going to review this and not spill anything ?...Don't let yourself be fooled by the ugly cover, grab this series and jump on the train ! And then, you'll tell me if you are able to put down the books to do such trivial things as sleeping or working ! You take the train to go to work ? You read. You walk in the streets ? You read. You can sneak 5mn into the restroom at work ? You read ! And it finishes in such a way between Ryan and Kara that I can't wait to read the next volume. It's waiting for me on my Kindle.But I'll wait until I've read Patience by Lisa Valdez, because it's waiting on my Kindle too, and when I get to Touch of the demon, I'll enjoy every second of it even better because I'll have been waiting for it ! Yes, I like to torture myself, sometimes... in a good way. While we are finally beginning to learn more about Kara's background, what is up with Ryan and his demonic background, and so forth, I still found this a frustrating read. So many urban fantasies take the "stretch it out" approach to writing. Instead of giving us a dense story, filled with loads of character revelations, plot twists, and other surprises, we are given a trail of crumbs to follow--leading us towards the inevitable next book in the series.At times it truly grates on my nerves. While the story line itself was fine, I do find the limitations of the genre are making me weary. Top it off with the fact the book ends with a cliff hanger (read the next book!) and I cannot get overly excited about Sins of the Demon. The tale was an ok diversion, and I did enjoy some aspects, particularly Kara's demon bodyguard, but I want a bit more.
An excellent book; the plot had so many twists and turns! Only drawback--the cliffhanger ending.
Omg, what the hell kind of ending was THAT?!
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