L'Esprit De La Magie (2014)
L'Esprit de La Magie (2014)
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1623807689 (ISBN13: 9781623807689)
Dreamspinner Press
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2.5*I found so many flaws in this book that I don't know where to begin. So let's start with some positive things : the cover's gorgeous. What? Covers are important and this one definitely drew my eyes and that's why I was interested in this book in the first place. More seriously, the story is quite interesting and the world building has something very original. Though it's not enough developed.Here a quick list of those things that make me say Mind Magic is not a good book :- no witty dialogs (what a shame!!), and more generally all the dialogs are kind of bad- no UST- the romance plot is resolved too fast, at 40% of the book, the main couple is already talking about spending their life together *teeth grinding* -->very disappointing- what about this Alpha character who has been with a woman before (and probably women) but suddenly fall for a guy ? Was he interested into guys before Simon ? How is it to be a gay pack alpha ? How is it to be a gay dad who obviously never showed any interest in men before ? There's so much to tell about this character and this situation, I can't believe this author just skipped it!- how about magic, all about it was so abstract and dull though it could have been very interesting with a little work on it. I really liked the book. It was fantastic! The highlights for me were: 1. Simon - His character was endearing, strong,loving. He was well liked by everyone (something that is shown and the reasons explained rather than the reader being told that "Everyone loved Simon") 2. Gray - He was a very different kind of alpha. Talkative, Gentle, Loving outwardly 3. The KID - Is he getting a story? Coz that would be AWESOME!!!!!! 4. The Plot - Dang what a great concept. I loved itWhat I didnt likeI felt that the story was a bit incomplete. I wanted to read about when Simon and Gray admitted their love for each other. Felt more like a HFN story than a HEA. Hopefully there will be more about them in the next two books.Also some parts of the story were just not explained well. I felt like I had missed a few pages or paragraphs.But overall it was great! I will be reading the other two ASAP
4.5 stars.
3.5 stars
Uhm. =w=
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