Let's Go Crazy: Prince And The Making Of Purple Rain (2014)
Let's Go Crazy: Prince and the Making of Purple Rain (2014)
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Fun, yet disappointing book. Very few nitty-gritty details about the making of Purple Rain. And, as usual, no input from Prince himself. So, lots of discussion about how brilliant yet conflicted Prince is. With a great deal of speculation regarding why Prince did (or didn't do) this, that, or the other. All supported by quotes from everyone surrounding Prince during the Purple Rain era. Great if you're looking for a trip down memory lane, or want to renew your love of Purple Rain and His Royal Badness. But ultimately, there's nothing really new or deeply insightful here. Two and a half stars - somewhere between "Okay" and "Liked It". Definitely a must-read for any walk of Prince fan... whether you're a newbie or have years of experience behind you. Lots of great information on the creative process from the people who were there. Perhaps the closest look into the making of "Purple Rain" since the 25th anniversary DVD.The only negatives are a couple chapters that go into the business of comparing it to what other artists at the time were doing... those parts tended to drag for me, but that's just my personal opinion.But as a book on Prince, it's really well-written and informative and I'd absolutely recommend it.Part of me wants to say "too bad this wasn't around when I became aware of him 7 years ago" but at the same time, I probably wouldn't have appreciated the book as much had I not known all I had about Prince beforehand. Even chock full of trivia about him, I still learned a lot.
Fair warning--I had to listen to the album, and watch the movie while reading this book.
Fun for 80s fans and very fascinating details about the crazy genius that is Prince.
anyone who is a Prince fan will enjoy this book!
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