Life And Laughing: My Story (2010)
Life And Laughing: My Story (2010)
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Michael Joseph
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Anyone who loves a laugh will love this book. Michael McIntyre is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest comedy star in the UK. But it didn't happen overnight. This book covers from when he was tiny (using his wonderful humour) to when he finally hit the big time. I laughed out loud as I read, but also felt for some of the trials he faced along the way to being able to support a young family and succeed at his true dream in life - being a successful comedian. This book was read by student Cameron Stott as part of the Six Book Challenge. Here is his review:"With McIntyre being one of my favourite comedians, I was eager to read his biography in the hope of finding more laughter within the book. Unfortunately, just like I've found with many books about comedians, the comedy doesn't translate very well in book format. Although the book may not tickle the funny bone, it was still very interesting to find out about McIntrye's life and how got to where he is today. For the most part of the book, the pace is good as he talks about how he grew up and discovered comedy. But another downfall of the book is that it goes off at a tangent, meaning you forget the original point. This book is great if you're wanting to learn more about Michael McIntyre and his life, but not if your wanting a fast paced and comical read."
Great comedian. Interesting insight into his childhood and how became successful.
My face and stomach hurt from laughing! Funniest non-fiction I've read.
Incredibly hilarious, this was a fantastic page turner!
I loved it!
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