Life's A Cappella (2013)
Life's A Cappella (2013)
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Yessi Smith
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I downloaded this book because the cover intrigued me and has been sat on my kindle for months. Once I started it I kicked myself for leaving it so long until I started reading it. I was hooked from the very first page!Life's a Cappella is the heart-breaking story of Erin Lewis. But as the story unfolds you realise exactly what Erin has been through and why it has made her who she is now. To be able to live her future, she must first let go of the torture of her past and prove her responsibility to the little sister she has only just found out existed. A heartbreakingly beautiful written story and a very worthy 5 stars. Erin is just about to graduate from college in Miami and on her last spring break, goes to Key West with her friends and meets Trent, a good guy, multi-faceted and has his act together. We find out that Erin has a pretty messed up past due to a good-for-nothing addicted mother who pimped her out for drug money. Erin's not even her real name, since she changed it to reinvent herself and escape her past. Except we all know you can't really do that. She's done her best to get her life on track and has a promising future. Until she has to deal with the deaths of her mother and her best friend and with a little sister she never knew about.I disliked so much about this book. First, this was really a NA/Coming of age with a little romance thrown in...and it wasn't very romantic. Trent's cool, Camilla is a great best friend, but I don't understand why you'd have to kill her off?? The few chapters that were Shayna's POV were completely unnecessary... at first I thought these were flashbacks of Erin's past, but then we find out it's the sister that no one knew existed. Adding that bit of mystery didn't help move the story along. Then, we meet Nate an old acquaintance and cop in AL, who I thought would be part of a triangle (Erin, Trent and Nate), but that went nowhere.The writing also felt stilted and unemotional... and at first I thought that was because Erin tried hard to be unemotional, but that didn't change as the character matured and changed, so I have to chalk that up to not so great writing. Ugh.
Lovely quick book to read
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*3 1/2stars*
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