Little Goblins Ten (2011)
Little Goblins Ten (2011)
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0061767980 (ISBN13: 9780061767982)
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4.5 STARSThis book is so cute and fun! From the very first page, you're singing along to the familiar tune with a sweetly spooky twist:"Over in the forestWhere the trees hide the sunLived a big mommy monsterAnd her little monster one."Scare " said the mommy;"I scare," said the one.So he scared and he scamperedWhere the trees hide the sun."Many other creatures live in this forest, including werewolves, mummies, dragons, witches, bats and, of course, goblins. While the illustration style was perhaps not my favorite, it fits well with the story as the creatures are cute but also a teensy bit ghoulish. This would be great for read aloud!!! This book, Little Goblins Ten by Pamela Jane, is a children's picturebook intended for the Nursery ages (birth-age 5). This story includes goblins, witches, skeletons, and other scary creatures in a forest on Halloween that are preparing to go trick-or-treating. It introduces the numbers, one through ten, by counting how many of each creature there are throughout the story. I gave this book 5 stars because I felt that it had a great plot and the illustrations were amazing. The illustrations covered the entire page and were brightly colored; it would really capture the eyes of young children. I would definitely read this story to a classroom of young children around the time of Halloween because it includes all of the creatures that they would be talking about, it includes math skills, numbers one through ten, and they would think that it is an appealing story; they would enjoy being read this story. The story also is told in a rhyming way, so it would be catchy to the children. It is a story that, according to the age, they could read along with you because of the easy vocabulary used. This story could be used as a transition into a Halloween craft of making a skeleton or a relaxing circle time book.
Funny, lovely, rhyming counting book for those of us with a fondness for monsters and halloween.
Chris loved this, in a read 10 times more, please one more way.
It was ok. It's a counting book for Halloween.
This will be fun to read and sing along to!
a fun, rhyming ghoulie story.
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