Lives Like Loaded Guns: Emily Dickinson And Her Family's Feuds (2010)
Lives Like Loaded Guns: Emily Dickinson and Her Family's Feuds (2010)
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The first quarter of this book was a little slow to grab me, perhaps because the author seemed to spend too much time (for my taste) on critical interpretation of Dickinson's verses (which, for an old English major, was more then I wanted). But, once his narrative centered on the drama surrounding publishing rights, family arguments, lawsuits, and the final disposition of the Dickenson papers (between libraries at Harvard, Yale, and Amherst) I was hooked. It's an interesting example of how history - even literary history - can be skewed by those who write it. A fascinating must-read for anyone interested in Emily Dickinson. Sheds fresh light on her life and publication history, and offers evaluations on what has gone before. Extensive references and comparative discussion. A good introduction if you have never been a fan. This is not the sensationalistic superficial treatment that the subtitle would seem to imply: "Emily Dickinson and Her Family's Feuds." Feuds it does include, but so much more, and well-presented. I understand Ms. Dickinson's poetry much better after having read this senior research fellow's work. Who would have guessed that Emily Dickinson was so similar to ordinary folks in nearly every way, while facing her personal and familial challenges, following her literary gift, and developing with integrity into a truly evolved human being. Well done, Ms. Lyndall Gordon.
One of the most captivating looks into Dickinson's life I've seen. Fascinating stuff!
My favourite poet of all time, I was thrilled to read about her reclusive life.
It was interesting, lots of facts I didn't know but very dull...
Exhaustive but well-written.
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