Logan & Jenna (2014)
Logan & Jenna (2014)
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This is my favorite of the series! I love shifters and love fae, so the combination of the two made my weekend. Logan has been swoon worthy since he first told them he was not going to fight to move up the ranks because he was happy with the spot that he earned after he joined. It is clear that he was stronger and would have easily been Beta if he had wanted to. Jenna is a low ranking fae and uses the last of her powers to call her truemate when she is captured. I loved seeing them come together and seeing how the cultures of the wolves and fae differed and how Jenna and Logan helped combine them. Being a fae addict as much as I am a shifter addict, I was a little bit disappointed that they iron in modern society thing was not addressed, but that is me being an uber picky head. I really liked this book. I liked this book the way I like soft blankets and warm tea. It is very cozy and very comfortable. It isn't extraordinary or amazing but it feels good. I love that in a book. I thrilled that this book is a part of series and spin off series! The world building in this book is good and its a known paranormal world which I prefer because we don't have to waste all our time on the shock of discovery. Our hero is a super badass wolf shifter with a heart of gold who wants a mate and our heroine is a sweet perky fairy who also wants her mate. They each don't know much about each other culture so we get that fun of discovery and learning about the Fae realm. We have an awful bad guy for some tension and action and we mainly have a lovely getting to know you sexy times. The characters are wonderful and I loved spending time with them This book is a pleasure I am sure I will be savoring it again soon. I just need to go out and get the rest of them...
3.5 -liked it better then previous books because it didn't seem to ramble so much at the end.
It was wonderful to see Logan find love. He is such a great guy!!
Awesome just like the rest of the series!!!! Love Logan!!!
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