Look Who It Is Alan Carr (2000)
Look Who it is Alan Carr (2000)
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Had one of those days where my brain wouldn't work and my eyes wouldn't work across a page. So picked this up - it had been left in my room by a housemate.I thought wow I can't believe I'm doing this - I don't particularly like Alan Carr as a comedian (just isn't my kinda comedy). However I must admit I was secretly surprised, while not the nest written autobiography I have read. It was funny, engaging and I find myself liking Alan Carr - just him not his comedy still.I was thinking when picking it up wow yet another autobiography from someone a few years older than me - but generally I'm really impressed with how hard he worked and how even after so many knock backs, bad nights and endless journeys. He persevered and now has a career to be proud of (not on that was just handed to him)! I'd never seen the Friday Night Project or anything else with Alan Carr, but was dragged to his live show (Tooth Fairy tour) by our nephew. Absolutely brilliant night of comedy ensued and I am now a fan.With any "celeb" autobiography you probably need to be a fan to pick it up in the first place. Certainly Carr's childhood and upbringing weren't particularly exceptional, nor his time at university and gap year travel. It's not at all introspective, although he writes quite touchingly about realising he was gay. He also talks about his "shit jobs" in factories and call centres - perhaps rather tactlessly at times, given that half his audience probably work in one or the other!So not a thoughtful tome nor deep insight, but a quick and mildly amusing read.
Probably the best Autobiography I have ever read ...
fantastic from beginning to end.
I love Alan Carr x
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