Los Crímenes De La Calle Morgue (1901)
Los crímenes de la calle Morgue (1901)
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I have put this under fiction and mystery because of the historical nature of the book. I see how Conan Doyle developed Sherlock. I see how the detective and side kick buddy genre started. Poe starts by a brief treatise on deductive reasoning, then incorporates it into the story as told by Dupins' buddy. After rereading it so many times, and taking it out of the context of history, I can only rate it 3 stars in today's 'market'. 1. Publisher:Edgar Allan Por Level:2 Company: Oxford2.Time; 6/7 34mins 11mins 6/8 18mins 6/12 18mins3. witnesses,different,language,accident,innocent,nail,oragan-outang4. How many language can you speak??→I can speak many language. Japanese, Chinese, English, French,Thai, Malayan and so on....lol Do you like a oragan-outang?→ I like more a chimpanzee than a oragan-outang.5. I noticed that I took more s time to read a mystery book than to read story kind of others books. But this book was so fun! When I saw the news paper about a big accident and the witnesses said, I was exciting!! then I wanted to read more!! This book is very good! But an end is simple.lol
Whats not to like about the cleverness of the first ever detective story?
Wow - it's like the prequel to Sherlock Holmes.
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