Love Finds You In Last Chance, California (2009)
Love Finds You in Last Chance, California (2009)
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1934770396 (ISBN13: 9781934770399)
Summerside Press
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This is actually one of the traveling books that I decided I would give a try. Alexia Travers is living on a ranch with her father, in Last Chance, California. Her life was fine working on the ranch and riding horses, in fact she preferred it over the socials and nice events and people ht expected her to be a proper lady, not ride around in men's trousers doing a man's job. But, it suited her just fine, for it enabled her more time with her father. She hoped to follow in his footsteps and inherit the farm one day. That day came quicker than she would have liked, when her father unexpectedly falls off of his horse and has a heart attack, leaving her to care for the ranch. She misses her father, but knows that she can handle the ranch on her own. when everything goes wrong: horses start to go missing, her father's gold is gone, she has a serious debt to pay and ranch hands are quitting because they won't take orders from a woman. Then Justin Phillips arrives, with his three year old son Toby looking for a job. To her he is a living miracle that showed up just in time. Little does she know that Justin is running away from something too: his past. I thought this was a vey good book, it started out fast. Right from the beginning you were meeting all of the characters, and the whole story line was formed in the first two chapters. I thought that all of the characters had a strong and realistic profile. I definitely liked certain traits of the characters more than others. For example, Alexia was extremely tom-boyish, outgoing and courageous. Justin was the quiet, strong and caring kind. The author did a very good job of portraying these characters and their unique qualities. I think the best character was the villain of the book, he had a very strong disguise and you did't know who it was till the very end. At some points in the book it was a little bit slower but by the end of that chapter it had picked right back up. At one point in the book I would have liked to hear Alexia's view on the story and not just Justin's, because more so about her than it was about Justin.I would definitely recommend this book, and if you don't already have it it is still currently a traveling book on the group christian fiction devourers. SUMMARY: It's 1877, and Alexia Travers is alone in the world. When a young woman inherits a heavily mortgaged horse ranch, will she be forced to marry against her will? Or can she run the ranch with the help of a handsome and mysterious wrangler?REVIEW: I liked both the story line and the characters in this LFY. Both the hero and heroine were battling with their own set of problems yet found that together they could help one another. Alex is a feisty, independent woman in a time when that is not the norm. But Justin can see the woman who lies behind the person who is trying to do everything to save her ranch. She is sometimes to independent but through her different experiences finds out that leaning on God, family, and good friends makes her stronger and her life richer. Overall a good read from the LFY series.
This one of the best, besides Love Finds You in Poetry, Texas, in the Love Finds You series.
Great book with quite a twist to the ending!!! Loved it!
Love Finds You-Last Chance, CA
Great book.
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