Love Like This (2009)
Love Like This (2009)
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I think I'm being generous with two stars. This book made no sense! Yeah, we got that Ethan wanted revenge and Lynne was selfish. But I don't know ANY MAN that would still play those types of games and STILL plot his revenge after everything that happened with Nicole at the hands of her uncle. AND THEN, everyone encourages her back to him. It was just weird. A lot of the scenes and descriptions were unnecessary, while some parts were lacking explanation. The plot had real potential and she didn't do too badly on that part, it was just the whole REST of the book that was crazy. I must say that I obtain this book because it was free and I read it and one day. I found the book to be interesting. I thought that the storyline was different, I haven't had that kind of storyline before and when I was reading the book I found to have an interest in the life of the daughter (Nicole) not so much the husband (Ethan). I was upset that he depicted the daughter to be a whore when she wasn't but of course he wouldn't know this and he was only categorizing her by his cheating wife her mother. I also was really upset that he was such a jerk but I guess it's supposed to be understandable because his wife cheated on him so he decides to get revenge. I love that the setting was in Detroit Michigan but I wish that I am Detroit wasn't depicted as being so grimy. As you can tell I don't have much to say about the book it's really about the characters and not so much the storyline. And that's because it was very short, to the point and you know got the emotions a going but it really did not keep me interested.
too complicated enggak jelas....
Ridiculous....simply ridiculous
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Loved it !!!!
Love it.. :)
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