Love & Loyalty (2009)
Love & Loyalty (2009)
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I decided to read the 2nd book in the series even though I gave the 1st one 3 stars. I feel bad about that but every time I think about the book it still only deserved 3 stars. So why did I read this book? Well once I get comfortable in a "world" and with an authors writing style I like to keep going if possible. I was also curious about Jim because he seemed cool and I became intrigued by this book since they included the 1st chapter at the end of the last book. I'm glad I kept going with the series.I felt this book did a better job of telling a good story, building the characters, making you invested and creating some tension and passion. I liked the characters and there was a good plot. Sex was pretty good but if you are looking for erotica this is not it. Great story though.Forging ahead with book 3! Glad I gave it a chance. Better writing this time around, the characters definitely hit it off and their chemistry is undeniable. Not to mention, this book was more of a dark comedy than a melodrama like the last book, and I enjoyed that way much more. Only problem I had was maybe some parts of the narrative wasn't paced all so smooth. But then again, the latter half of the novel was when the characters was heavily stressed out, so it'd make sense. So yeah, 4.5 stars whoot!
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4.5 stars
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