Lover's Leap (2011)
Lover's Leap (2011)
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0345528778 (ISBN13: 9780345528773)
Ballantine Books
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In the 4th book of this series based in a small Colorado mountain town, Eternity Springs, the theme of love - broken & restored - continues. This one surrounds Sarah Reese, a Eternity Springs native who has been a single mother ever since she was a teenager and her teenage boyfriend, Cam Murphy, is sent to juvenile prison for his part in a fight with resulting injuries.When Sarah and her daughter are enjoying a dream trip to Australia, which they won in a contest in the prior book, they see Cam and go running back home. When he follows them, along with his adopted teenage son, emotions of all kinds flare and it appears that nothing will get resolved in a satisfactory manner. The book follows the ups/downs as Sarah & Cam rediscover what they thought was lost forever.The best character in this book was Cam's son. He was fun, smart & loyal. Sarah's daughter, on the other hand, shows a side of her that is irritating and not seen in any prior book. All in all, an OK book based in a beautiful part of the country. A little too much sex for me although I know most people would think that aspect was very minor. Reunion stories are among my favorite romances. Especially when lovers are teens, there is so much left unsaid when life happens. Cam Murphy left his love in town, carrying his baby. Sarah Reese raises her daughter alone, never revealing the town's bad boy is the father of her wonderful daughter. They meet after 20 years in Australia. Cam follows Sarah home and finds himself renting the house where he grew up. It doesn't take long to realize they never stopped loving one another, but can they overcome the obstacles? The main ones being, his daughter wants nothing to do with him, and Sarah finds it hard to trust him. Filled with real family drama and emotion, this was a satisfactory read.
A wonderful read! Small town, friends, second chances. Love this entire series!
Sarah & Cam
3.5 stars.
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