Láska V Provenci (2013)
Láska v Provenci (2013)
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Fortuna Libri
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It is not easy to write about the issues of grief and depression without sliding into melodrama or victimization. Bridget Asher captures the mind of a person dealing with both with compassion and humour. Her characters are vibrant and engaging without being "whacky" a cliche many writers overuse when dealing with grief/depression. This book is beautifully written and hopeful. I highly recommend it! First, what this book is not -- that is, it is not really about Provence, not about renovating an old stone house, not about living in the south of France. If that is what you are looking for, look elsewhere. What it is about is loss, grief and attempts to move on from that loss & grief although much of it does take place in an old stone house in need of renovation and located in Provence. It also took a long time to get through the preliminary chapters and actually make it to Provence -- too long in my viewpoint. It was an OK read if you like those themes but not terrible engrossing or satisfying.
What a wonderfully romantic story. It made you laugh and cry, but in a good way.
Outro que vai direitinho para a wishlist. :)
A montanha é mágica :)
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