Lucides (2014)
Lucides (2014)
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Robert Laffont
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This book is about two girls named Sloane and Maggie. These two girls have never met, but dream that they are each other. Maggie is a soon-to-be actress and Sloane is a straight A girl that lives every day with her best friend, Gordy. Both girls fall in love and everything goes wrong. They live each other's lives, so no one knows what is fake and what is real. It's basically a better version of Inception. I really liked this book because it was like a puzzle, and I like puzzles, but it was also pretty confusing. To understand the book you need to piece together every situation that was happening. This was honestly the best book I have ever read. I would recommend this book to people over the age of 10, because it's kind of hard to understand. Besides that, it would be good for everyone. I sooo badly want to give this book 4 stars!! But the first 80% of the book really was a bit of a let down.Two girls, Sloane and Maggie, dream of each others lives. Literally. When one is asleep, she dreams the life of the other through her eyes. And they could not have more different lives. Maggie is an up and coming actress in NY, and Sloane is a straight A student in a small town. How is it that their lives are interlocked?Immediately the question of sanity comes into play. Is one of them crazy? Are they both crazy? Who is real and who is nothing but a fantasy...The first part of the book was nothing more than a YA contemporary fiction.It didn't bore me out of my mind, but I felt let down because I was expecting some crazy Mara Dyery shizzz. The only thing that really kept me going was the writing style. It was easy to read and the dialogue was well thought out.When I hit page 227 is when things started getting interesting. No longer did I feel like I was just going through the motions. Oh no, I felt like I was slowly sinking into insanity myself. The ending hit me like a brick wall, and I had to sleep on it to truly know "what the hell just happened???" This book made me think about it every single second the day after I read it. And I'm probably still going to be thinking about it tomorrow. A great book all in all, but my advice is to be patient with the first part. It will be well worth it in the end...
Very good book I loved it but I will admit I didn't understand the ending it confused me
Interesting idea. Characters likable and believable. Not sure that I liked the ending.
Great book, ending is confusing, though.
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