Lucky And Squash (2012)
Lucky and Squash (2012)
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0060831502 (ISBN13: 9780060831509)
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This is a cute story about two dogs that decide they want their owners to get married so they can be brothers. I gave this book 4/5 stars. I thought the story idea was cute. I enjoyed the fun things the dogs did while running away. I did think it put too positive a light on the idea of running away. I know it is just a story but the idea of the book you walk away with is if you run away you may eventually get what you want. It is still worth a read though! I liked the silly idea behind this book. Two dogs, who are best of pals and neighbors, wish for nothing more than to hook their owners up, so they can hopefully fall in love and get married. Once the happy couple gets married the two dogs will be brothers and be able to be together always. The story was very entertaining until the very rushed ending. This needed another page of some kind of "courting" between their human friends before they professed love to one another and got married.
cute watercolor dog illustrationsstory prose - a little wordy
It was kind of sweet but the "happy" ending was forced.
Weak story line.
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