Mía Por Ahora (2014)
Mía por ahora (2014)
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Suma de Letras
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This is the continuation of Kara and Simon's story. Simon takes Kara to his birthday party at his brother, Sam's condo. Kara sees a beautiful blonde woman proposition Simon and she starts to doubt her relationship with him. Then Sam comes up and her and tells her when Simon is done with her he would like to have her also. She runs home to the condo and packs up and leaves. Now Simon has to decide if he wants her back and how to get her. This short story does contain profanity and sex scenes so it isn't for everyone I hate Sam when he did that. I, too, felt the insult Kara felt when he offered her money. (As if! GRRRRR). But then I am happy that all ended well still. Yes, even if Kara almost died because of those bastards who tried to extract their revenge from her because.. (I guess you should read it to know *wink*). The cliche girl-woke-up-finds-boy-beside-her never failed to give me *kilig* moment and I just wished I was in Kara's shoes. God, how I want to have Simon for myself :P
I love Simon. looking forward to reading lots more by Js Scott!! She is my #1 fav author!!
Just when she gets hurt in a different way she realizes she needs Simon.
I read in one day I just couldn't put it down. I don't want it to end.
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