Mad About Plaid (2000)
Mad About Plaid (2000)
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I liked this story a lot, I always have a thing for Scots but Ian is a double whammy part Scottish and a retired American soldier. I think I need to fan myself thinking about it. J/K, and before you get excited this isn't erotica so there is not a lot of gratuitous sex, it is really just a sweet romance. It is very funny at parts and the supporting characters are pretty entertaining too. I am really interested in reading the next book in this series. I loved this book, there was no beating around the bush, got to the plot with no additives and I loved that. And the thoughts that Lucy had OHHH BABY! "He stepped around the desk. "Ian MacLaren." His hand caught hers in a warm embrace. Good Lord, he had to be at least six inches taller than she was, making him around six-foot-four. Could he be anymore condom worthy?" I mean the innuendos that boy gives off, "he answered slowly and deliberately. "By all means, the room is yours. We want your stay to be as comfortable as possible. I look forward to seeing to your needs personally." Lucy has no qualms in telling Ian what she wants, "you, Ian." She kissed his mouth sweetly, her lips so soft, her breath warm and intoxicating. "Naked, preferably." I can't wait to check out the other books in this series.
I loved this book, it was a fast, sweet, read! I can't wait to read the next two!
Cute start to a new series. I'm sure I'll read the rest of them.
A highlander romance
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