Maddie - Der Widerstand Geht Weiter (2013)
Maddie - Der Widerstand geht weiter (2013)
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I didn't really have expectations going into this book so I said I would give it a chance, but it did not prove worth it. On the contrary this book made me wish I hadn't wasted my time!This will contain spoilers so bear with me.So the book begins and Maddie is living with her brother and is using DS again and not really caring about what she was apparently disgusted with previous book. Well ok then. Then she goes to a club and decides to hate technology again cause you know she's consistent like that and shuts it down and then gets down with her boyfriend in the managers office then accidentally intercepts a police pick up then sent off to a detention center. Seriously?? Keeping in kind that this is all in one night, its just so unrealistic (even for a dystopian novel).At this detention center she is getting psychologically tortured. If someone is being psychologically tortured they aren't going to be thinking about their kinda on off boyfriend are they? They are going to be thinking crazy things and I don't know maybe actually showing symptoms of torture. There is no depth! It really bothered me to be honest. If I had wanted to read a teenage rom com then I would have. Finally the knife in the back was the ending. Justin has spent the majority of his life fighting the DS, and all of a sudden he's like 'Oh wait luv my bae' and then stops. WHAT A WASTE OF TWO BOOKS. All this anti-ds shit has been built up and then its just abandoned for two teenagers love. Somehow I doubt I enjoyed this second book in the Awaken trilogy. I really liked the development of the relationship between Justin and Maddie. As a reader, it was painful to live through Maddie's time in the DC; although it was interesting to watch her constitution become much stronger. Even though her sanity sometimes walked the line, she learned that she could draw on the strength of her memories and love for the people in her face-to-face world. The only thing I questioned was Maddie's struggle in the end as to whether or not to stay with Justin or to return to her parents after what they put her through. After she fought so hard to reach Justin's heart and gain his commitment to settle down with her (as much as he could while working to change the mandatory of the DS schools), it seemed that her choice should have been a no-brainer.
I loved the second book as much as the first, now i just want to be able to read the third!
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