Maeve's Times (2013)
Maeve's Times (2013)
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Perhaps this is not as good as her best books but I enjoyed this collection of the late author's columns from the Irish Times. I learned about Israel's abortion policy (at least in the 70's when this story was written). If you live in a kibbutz you are not allowed over 2 children or they send you to an abortion doctor. In this particular case the doctor also sterilized the patient without her knowledge. It was a very sad story. My favorite articles were about aging and arthritis. She writes with humor and pathos and knows how to get the laughs and bring on the tears with accuracy. She hits all my buttons!I also enjoyed her stories on her trips to America and her take on the British Royal Family. Her insight on Margaret Thatcher was very good. I will miss there not being any more novels from this wonderful writer. Her cousin, actress Kate Binchy did a marvelous job of capturing her voice in her narration. I thought this book was short stories, but it was actually columns that she had written over the years for the Irish newspapers. It was good though. Some stories were more entertaining than others. Funny to see how she evolved over the decades. I did learn however that they made a movie of Tara Road, which I had not known before. I will have to find it and watch it. I loved the Circle of Friends movie they made, one of my favorites, glad to read she liked how they adapted the book. I will miss reading new books of hers, she has been a top author of mine for many years.
I really liked some of the articles. Others, not that interesting or compelling.
If you like her novels, this is a glimpse into the life of the author.
I love Maeve Binchy, she always manages to make me feel good.
Everything you like about Maeve Binchy is here.
Good writer; vinettes were amusing
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