Magisches Blut (2011)
Magisches Blut (2011)
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3802583426 (ISBN13: 9783802583421)
Egmont Lyx
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Ilona Andrews is great at world building and has a relatively smooth writing style. I like the character of Kate and can tell that a great deal of creativity goes into these books, but the relationship between Kate and Curran is just way too problematic, almost bordering on abusive. He is so controlling and possessive of her and they're not even together until the end of the book. He uses intimidation and manipulation to get what he wants and pouts and stomps around when he doesn't. This creepiness started in book 3 and only got worse in this book. The excuse that he's an alpha so he "has" to act this way doesn't hold up either. No one gets a free pass for treating a supposed loved one in the twisted ways Curran treats Kate. I felt queasy reading about their unhealthy relationship so I couldn't in good conscience give this book more than three stars. Rambling thoughts:This series is really entertaining, especially the interactions between Kate and Curran. All of the side characters have unique interactions and relationships with Kate - Jim will always put Pack above all, Saiman puts reputation and civility on a pedestal, and Andrea is a good friend that is forced to always prove herself.The real gem of this book is just the witty dialogue and the well researched mythology.There was a lot going on in this book between the romance, the new enemy, the job offers, the new dog, etc. It was a little too hectic at times.I'm worried that the romantic tension will be gone for the following books since the two are together now.
Each book just gets more intense! More epic! More romantic! More gore!
4 stars
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