Making It All Work Unabridged Cds (2003)
Making It All Work Unabridged Cds (2003)
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0143143573 (ISBN13: 9780143143574)
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This was a great book full of obvious but helpful advice on how to become more productive. The book aims to introduce the concept of "Getting things done", GTD, and the different steps that are necessary to get things under control so you can get things done. It also talks about the different "horizons" or levels of focus, which is helpful for prioritizing actions.The book could only be helped with more insight into how to actually implement some ideas - for examples, some worksheets or suggestions of apps/programs. However, I understand that there are many different systems to use and so different systems might suit different people. I have managed to implement many of the ideas suggested so perhaps my complaint is unfair. Let me start out by saying I loved Mr. Allen's first book "Getting Thing's Done" and have put the practices in to place, have sent employees to his seminar and have generally been a cheerleader.This book falls flat. This is what it felt like Mr. Allen was saying to me. 1. You DIDN'T understand what I was trying to say in my first two books.2. You CAN'T understand what it was I was trying to say in my first two books.3. Let me make try to make this more academic and less understandable so I can write another book to tell you how you don't understand the complexity of simplicity.HOWEVER - I would highly recommend getting the book from the library, skipping directly to the appendices, and making copies for personal use. There is some real value in those last 8 - 10 pages.
Good recap of the workflow with addtional insight on gaining, and maintaining perspective.
Not as good as the original... super dry... but worth the read nonetheless.
Excellent follow-up read to "Getting Things Done".
A classic that all GTDers should read.
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