Making It: Radical Home Ec For A Post-Consumer World (2011)
Making It: Radical Home Ec for a Post-Consumer World (2011)
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This book has inspired me to move "make our soap" much higher on my list of DIY projects that I want to do. I liked the layout of the book - from simple, day-to-day projects to major infrastructure improvements (like building your own beehive or composting toilet). Most of the more radical projects I probably will never come close to contemplating doing, proving that I'm perhaps not as a radical DIY-enthusiast as one might think. I was glad to see that my sewing skills far exceed those described in the book though. At least one radical thing accomplished! :) I definitely love the idea of this book, but I found many of the projects a little too off-the-grid for what I'm willing or able to try at this point. But I do appreciate that the authors anticipate that, and encourage you to try the ideas that seem intriguing to you and leave the rest for another person or another day. When my current cleaning supplies run out, I am excited to try their mixes. I am not, however, willing to brush my teeth with a stick. I also get frustrated any time I read books or blogs of this type that I live in an apartment with no outdoor space at all and little control of the temperatures in my apartment, so there are many projects that I would like to try, but can't given my situation. That is no reflection on the quality of the ideas--or perhaps reflects well because of my inherent interest, despite my circumstances. But it was the case that quite a few of the projects were of no use to me until I have a home and yard of my own.
Good book on how you can make things yourself that are not only better but better for you.
This is one of my favorites. We use it so much! Great recipes for deodorant and lotion.
great new book from the urban homesteading folks.
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