Malcom X: A Life Of Reinvention (2000)
Malcom X: A life of Reinvention (2000)
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Interesting book, the background on Pan African Movement, Marcus Garvey and the lives of Malcolm's parents which shaped his life is a good start. The book misses out his interactions with MLK and his work for black women rights. Too much about NOI and not enough about malcolms political mindset in the last few months. I dont thin revealing or trying to testify that malcom was involved in homosexual activities was necessary nor was the depth in his sexual life with Betty all that necessary.Manning unfortunately is class biased in his work. He should have written a separate book. He does not quote malcolm much and neither does he quote his all of his main speeches. Over all a good read . This book is no doubt a very impressive scholarly achievement, but I found it a bit inaccessible for the ordinary reader, even though I consider myself extremely interested in American and African-American history of the period. The narrative is extremely, almost excessively detailed, and this becomes particularly challenging as it delves deeper and deeper into the internal politics and ideology of the Nation of Islam and other related organizations. If you don't know anything about the Nation of Islam initially except what you've seen on the Wire - like me! - much of the book is simply extremely difficult to follow and I felt lacking in context. Marable also devotes quite a lot of space to the unsolved mysteries of Malcolm X's death and the possible complicity, or lack thereof, of various members of the Nation of Islam and the FBI and NYPD who were infiltrating these organizations. Again, I found this extremely convoluted and felt that the reader was more or less abandoned to draw his or her own conclusions from a morass of information. There are certainly interesting tidbits, but the book seems to be targeted primarily at experts.
Marable Manning... thank you for giving me the 365 perspective that I truly needed.
The best book I've read in 2013. I wish I could read it all over again.
Interesting read on a mam I didn't know a lot about. Very well written.
Will be dedicating a blogpost to this phenomenal book. Eye-opening!!
very strong and insightful
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