Marriage By Law (2014)
Marriage by Law (2014)
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Hey i want another star to give tht to this book. Gohhhhhhhd! I dont know how to express my love for this book. I am in love finally, i would say. :D This is the best love story evvvvvver. The cutttesssst and so cleeeean, tht made me love it even more. Best lovestory of the histories. Ok im sorry if i sound insane but im so happy i read it and i dint miss it or i would have missed the best.ok let me give some helpful review to those who are still deciding to read or not. A story from marriage without love to.... love with the cute romantic scenes that makes yoy fall in love with aaaaaooo "Dairy" i mean darius , the husband. He really loves her. Its such a caring and cute love with no lust or just physical attraction. This is what i call love. And this is what lasts for ages. I really haven't read such a funny book in a long time. The romance is a bit lacking but maybe Darius just isn't a romantic guy? Who knows. His cousin was hilarious, he really needs his own book. Also I found it a bit strange that she had to ask his permission for everything she did. Sneak out of the house and jump fences? Really? She's his wife not his teenage daughter. Yes she is living in his house but its not the sixteenth century. Besides that I really enjoyed this book.
Very good read. So happy that I read the prequel to this book.
I couldn't stop laughing at Aluminium. Every. Single. Time!
Cute and funny read. You will just breeze through it.
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