Mating Brand (2014)
Mating Brand (2014)
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Ellora's Cave Publishing
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This book was my favourite one... I like Brand so much and was hurting for him when Charma left. At firs I thought it was her naive way of thinking that anybody could hurt her Brand and I was like "If I were you, I would just give up on family and pride and all the traditions because love worths it, because he worths it and because I deserve to be happy". But then I understood that she did a right thing because her happiness costed too much! Brand was a good guy in the previous book too and I was curious what was his story like when I was reading "His Purrfect Mate". I was so happy that he just took her back when she came to warn them about pride joining. I was crying at the part where he just stood holding her in his arms. I hated that as***pe Garett soooooo much! He reminded me of some Armenian oligarh's son. How could a mated guy stand and watch some other creep doing his mate? I haven't met such thing even in New Species series and it made me think that a mate is like a saintity. I liked Braden more in this book. He was so cute and funny :D I was sorry for him being so horny and unsatisfied. I don't know whose story I would like to read about next: Rave's, Von's or Braden's? Maybe Braden's story because it;s interesting what happened when he saved Bree. Same much I would like to know where Von went while all the pack was preparing for a war or I would like to know how Rave's life is going to change from being so "HARD SCHEDULED PERSON", who will get his heart? Brand and Charma.Brand is a wolf and Charma is half human half leopard who is unable to shift.Brand and Charma meet in college. Once Charma realises Brand wants a friend and is not interested in eating her they get on great. As they get to know each other they fall in love but Charma is promised to another. She doesn't love Garrett but the only way to save her family is to becomes his mate. He is cruel to her and she doesn't have a good life. 9 years later a Pride is getting together to go and fight with the werewolves when Charma sees a photo of Brand. Charma decides her family is now safe and she is able to leave to go and find Brand to warn him.Another great story by Laurann and well worth reading!
Excellent read, Ms. Dohner is a phenomenal writer. Highly recommend her "Mate Set" series.
Pretty hot good stuff, considering I loved the first two I'm not surprised.
No my favorite of her series still an enjoyable read
Great addition to the series!
4 stars
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