Me, Myself, And Us: The Science Of Personality And The Art Of Well-Being (2014)
Me, Myself, and Us: The Science of Personality and the Art of Well-Being (2014)
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This book contains a ton of excellent insight into the world of personality psychology. Outside of just debunking silly personality quizzes and famous tests such as "Myers-Briggs" it gave me a new and deeper understanding of the different variables that make each person unique and the ideas presented within the book opened my mind to how those differently tuned variables can affect my own personal/work relationships and the well being of myself and those around me. It's one of those 'must reads' to me because it can give us a solid framework to helping and understanding others as well as themselves. Great read. Really enjoyable. Provocative book on personality, personality, and all the different "selves" that make us who we are. Insightful on how to create a meaningful life by recognizing the benefits and drawbacks of who we are and how we inadvertently get in our own way. Written in a breezy style, I often found that I wanted more details and had more questions than answers. The last chapter pulls everything together quite well and gives the reader some solid application.
well written by a well-versed individual in a manner that even I could follow
A survey of different personality theories, but not much beyond that.
I didn't find this as "monumental" as Susan Cain!
3.5 stars
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