Meet Me In Malmö: The First Inspector Anita Sundstrom Mystery (2000)
Meet Me in Malmö: The First Inspector Anita Sundstrom Mystery (2000)
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085716113X (ISBN13: 9780857161130)
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A journalist for a rather insignificant British publication finagles an invitation to interview an old university friend who is now one of Sweden’s leading film directors. When he discovers the director’s beautiful movie star wife dead in her apartment in Malmo in southern Sweden, Inspector Anita Sundström is called to lead the investigation due to her facility with English. The suspenseful plot takes a lot of twists and turns until a climactic scene atop the Turning Torso, Malmo’s highest skyscraper. The ending, while a clever twist, should not come as a complete surprise to any attentive reader. A journalist from Scotland meets an old school mate at a movie festival in England, then meets him in Malmo to get an interview. The man's wife is found dead, and the mystery ensues from there.Compared to other Scandi Lit, I found this book rather trite, and not as well written as many others. Still, we have lots of coffee drinking, lots of angst, and lots of self examination, which seem to be the hallmark of this genre.It is the first of 3 written by this author, so perhaps the others are better. I thought the twist at the end was ridiculous.
Easy reading and a surprising ending. Great fluff.
A shocking ending but a good book.
what the hell?!
Needs an editor
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