Meeting Mr. Write (2014)
Meeting Mr. Write (2014)
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Limitless Publishing LLC
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WHAT I THOUGHT:This book is so real. It is the start of the journey for Rosie and Jackson, even if they don't know it at first. It is similar to so many stories either I have lived or know of friends who have done. Maybe all of the event types weren't wrapped into one, but the pieces of this love puzzle are definitely all round us, even if we don't want to admit it. I love that the story has a mix of over reactions/ high levels of emotion and straight-forward, level-headed stubbornness. The mix reminds me so much of life. We experience, we over react, emotions fly rampant and then we try to pick up the pieces and get our head screwed back on level. Normally it follows by trying to swear we won't get ourselves into that situation again. The characters were great. It was very fun that they were both writers and both loved the world, though it may be for different reasons, they are more similar than they think. The characters have enough depth to make them real, yet still leave enough open to the imagination that we can feel like we are the ones experiencing the story. I also like that the 'bad' things the characters do aren't just brushed of by those around them. Those close to them show the raw emotion you would expect from friends and family when you've bit the big one. OVERALL: I really like this book. It is a great, yet realistic, style of romance. It has enough detail to be excellent, but still leaves the opening for imagination. It leaves enough questions to really pull you into the second book. 4.5 starsThis book was fun and sexy. It was well written, but at times I would get confused about whose point of view I was reading. The characters had great personalities that I think lots of people can relate to.Rosie is a romance author who is recently dumped. Her and her best friend Pippa take a trip to tailand for a vacation. There she meets fellow author Jackson. Rosie doesn’t give him the time of day at first but then slowly let’s him in.This book is great and not a super long book if you are looking for a shorter series. I suggest you check this book out. It was sweet and sour with a dish of sexy!
Enjoyed this one from beginning to end!
2.5 stars - Needs some editing.
Loved this , fab for a freebie
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