Memoir Of The Sunday Brunch (2012)
Memoir of the Sunday Brunch (2012)
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161620172X (ISBN13: 9781616201722)
Algonquin Books
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A fine memoir and debut book by a woman who is also, according to the bio, a stand-up comedian. Comedy is a main part of the narrative, wry humor and some downright slapstick scenes. But this is as much a story of her relationship to her parents and eight older siblings as it is a recording of the restaurant run by her father and operated by her family members. The touching scenes of the deaths of her parents, the commentary on the Catholic church, and the memoir of the Sunday brunches that were a hallmark of the business are all narrated in some very beautiful prose. Highly recommended. I was not expecting only half of the book to be about the author's Sunday Brunch experience!I must admit a bit of confusion as I began reading the second half. The stories of siblings working the Brunch, the Fatger's control of the kitchen, serving positions, keeping a fast pace with the customers, disappeared. These were replaced, with no warning, with the history of her mother's illness; her Catholic upbringing: and her father's thriftiness, beyond reason, using very outdated food in their own home compared to the freshness of food in the restaurant. The disappearance of the book's topic was such a surprise! Perhaps had it come with a 'Warning' label?
Was hoping for more, but thought the second half resonated more for me.
Funny, sweet and brings back fond memories of our family growing up
Enjoyed - very easy read of a memoir of a girl in a large family
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