Memory Child, The (2014)
Memory Child, The (2014)
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1480585130 (ISBN13: 9781480585133)
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I am giving this book 4 was very well written. I really enjoyed it. After reading the reviews I was pretty excited because it seemed for the most part, no one could guess the ending. Well it got 4 starts instead of 5, because I did guess the ending. Which isn't a bad thing at all, my initial gut was right. The book did have me second guessing myself a couple of times throughout....but all in all it was a great read that sucked you in. This book was based on quite a good idea, and the writing, that is the prose, it competent and readable. But… I had two major problems with it. Firstly, there are two “twists” but the first was very obvious and that led to the second twist as likely. Which meant that the whole premise was under question from the start and became annoying. The other thing that gave me the greatest problem may not be much of an issue for most people, and I guess there is artistic license. But as an expert (in my other life) in the mental illness that is the premise of this book, that it is incorrectly and implausibly portrayed made this book unworkable for me.
I really liked the plot of this book.The end has a great plot twist.Re-read material.
I liked this was unusual but it kept you reading and it was different.
So sad and heart wrenching.
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