Mind Magic (2012)
Mind Magic (2012)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 5
161372456X (ISBN13: 9781613724569)
Dreamspinner Press
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Adorable story, allowed me to sink slowly into a supernatural queer world which had some interestingly richly complicated relationships. I love the relationship between the alpha and his son. Im interested in exploring the other books in the series for sure. (although i think as a personal preference, i would prefer less of the erotica element lol. but whatever, im sure it helps sell the story! :D 2.5*Story filled with a bunch of questions that went unanswered. No one knew shit. Just confusion everywhere. I thought Cormac might be able to shed some light on some issues, but nope. No chemistry between the characters. I didn't buy their love. Wait...I don't even think they confessed their love for each other. Lol Wow, I'm just realizing this. I guess it makes sense. They barely got to know one another. Sex scenes sucked. No chemistry equals horrible sex scenes. Plus, the writing just wasn't good. Also, Simon was described as really skinny, which took me out of it too. A skinny man is rarely sexy. The dialogue was unrealistic. I rolled my eyes a lot, especially when it came to conversations with the kids. It was refreshing how there weren't any labels put on the characters. No mention of them being gay, formerly straight, bisexual, etc. No one batted an eye about them getting together.Overall, this was just an okay book. I'll read the next one.
This was really fun. I love the idea of mind magic, body magic, & soul magic. Very cool story.
Like eating cheese out of can - not very good but I can't stop eating...
loved it to the beginning to the end and can't stop reading it
4.25 stars
Loved it.
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