Mine For Christmas (2014)
Mine For Christmas (2014)
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I loved this story. Kara and Simon were married and they have a little girl Ginny. Kara is a nurse and Simon is part owner of his business with his brother Sam. Kara has been taking care of a seven year old boy who has diabetes and is sick and in the hospital. Timmy has only known what it feels like for no one to want him Kara goes to spend some time with him. Tim's mother has died and now he is alone. Simon goes with her and almost right away bonds with the little boy. Christmas is coming and they don't want him to be alone so they become foster parents and take Tim home. They have the perfect family so they both think. A uncle comes into play as a relative of Tim's but he is a drunk like Tim's mom was. Simon and his friends get him to agree to sign off custody of Tim after they say he has medical needs. They both decided they want to adopt Tim. This is such a sweet christmas miracle and story. This book does contain some profanity and sexual scenes so if that offends you do not read this one. If it doesn' you will love this story Simon and Kara have been one of my all time favorite book couples so I was super excited when this book came out. I one-clicked it immediately and was doing a happy dance while doing it. JS Scott has been one of my favorite authors and this one just reminded me why I love her so much!! Ms. Scott writes with such perfection and with a uniqueness that is just her own. I buy every single book she publishes and will continue to do so. Way to go Ms. Scott!! Another home run in my book!!! Can't wait to see what she writes next!! This is an easy rating for me with 5 AMAZEBALLS stars!!! Review by Tabitha
Nice easy read. I remember reading Simon and Kate's story last year and it was nice to revisit it!
I thought this was a great book as a follow up the of Simon and Kara story.....it was very sweet.
Very good ending to Simon and Cara's story while introducing us to Sam and Maddie's.
Nice short read.
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